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  Welcome TO our travel Blog about Australia!  


2013, June, 21st : Sydney – My life changed for good...I just won the worldwide competition "The Best Job in the World" organised by Tourism Australia, beating over 330,000 applicants from 196 countries! After an intense 3 month campaign and many challenges, I couldn't believe it!


I spent 6 months exploring the beautiful and diverse Queensland, the second largest State in Australia. With me, my partner Max, who is a photographer, perfect!

Alongside Queensland's park rangers, we've explored the great outdoors and got up close and personal with exotic wildlife. With more than 320 national parks and 5 World Heritage sites such as the Great Barrier Reef, we were living the dream!


We left France with a Working Holiday Visa, allowing us to stay 1 year to travel and work in Australia. After our 6 months of #BestJobs , we extended our stay to keep exploring the rest of the country.

Thought as an online travel guide, this blog provides you with our main experiences, best addresses and highlights.

Hope you enjoy your visit on our blog and in Australia if you are lucky to go!


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