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5th of February 2014


I can’t believe it but my time as a “special” Park Ranger is now over! All good things come to an end as we say…


So sad but I had a blast and lived such an incredible adventure for 6 months. For this special date, I concocted a list per category of my best experiences in Queensland, my Best Job in the World’s Awards! Check it out as there are my the best addresses and travel tips in Queensland! 


We had a lot of fun editing a final video as well, hope you like it!


     And the winners are...     

    6 months - Top 6 by category     

 TOP 6 Favourite  National Parks 

TOP 6   Paradisiacal Beaches  

 TOP 6 Crystal Clear  Waterfalls 

 TOP 6 Fun and Memorable   Tours 

 TOP 6 Wonderful  Accommodations 

 TOP 6 Favourite Friendly  Hostels 

 TOP 6 Places where I'll remember the Food 

 TOP 6 Dreams came true in Queensland

 TOP 6 best   Snorkelling / scuba diving   spots

Southern Great Barrier Reef:


Heron island: Heron bommy

Lady Elliot Island: dive with Manta rays!

Wilson Island: magical secluded cay, part of Capricornia National Park. I loved “playing” with the octopus!


Whitsundays outer Reef:


Bait Reef: Mantaray drop off: one of my best dives did with Kiana Sailing boat.


North Queensland:


Flynn Reef: Coral Gardens: the best colourful corals with ProDive Cairns

Milln Reef: a lot of curious fish around with ProDive Cairns

Flynn reef great barrier reef, maxime coquard
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