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Wrap Up


Truly seen as a national pride, the Best Jobs In the World campaign is one of the most sucessful marketing operations in the world (according to Andrew McEvoy, General Director at Tourism Australia 2010-2014).


Based on the original idea of Tourism Queensland, whom created the first edition in 2009 and did a worldwide buzz recruiting a Island caretaker for an island of the Great Barrier Reef, the campaign was updated in 2013 by Tourism Australia.


This time, not 1 dream job but 6 up to grab. Six positions to promote all the best Australia has to offer (great outdoor, unique wildlife, lifestyle, wine and delicious food).

An international campaign worth 4 million dollars to target most specifically the 18 to 30 years old (the ones allowed to grant a Working Holiday Visa). A very interesting market for the country as the Youth segment can work and stay longer in Australia while traveling at the same time all around the territory.


A clever and attractive package: 100,000 Australian dollars for a 6 month contract.

The job offer was largely relayed on social media channels and through all the partnerships signed for the campaign.

( , STA Travel notamment). 

How did I secure the Best job in the World?


With a 3- month process and a worldwide competition, winning one of the Best jobs in the world was nothing but luck!

Determination, creativity, originality and a lot of energy were some of the criteria required. 

1st stage :


Send a 30 second video in English to introduce yourself to the jury and expose your motivations...

They were not prepared for the outstanding response from around the world.!!


>Over 600 000 entries coming from almost 200 pays accross the globe, 46 000 videos received!


Helped by my photographer partner Max and one of our best friend, Camille, we realised a stop motion clip, in a fresh and dynamic style.


Without budget, we did everything ourselves using 2nd hand stuff and cardboard to draw the props!

The video got their attention immediately and I was asked by Tourism Australia if they could use it for communication purpose around the world!


I also got shortlisted for the first stage thanks to this video.


2nd stage: 25 shortlisted / job


Once we got into the shortlist, the Australian Government sent us a folder with the next steps...15 days to send a final document summarising what we had been up to. The mission: stand out of the crowd.


In the big lines:


Build a profile on social media, engage and federate a community

  • 2000 followers on Facebook within 2 weeks

  • +10 000 views on Youtube


Reach out the media and getting interviewed

  • 15 interviews on the French radio

  • 35 press articles

  • 8 TV appearances



Get people together & find support from companies, families and friends

(recommendation letters, message on Facebook for instance)

  • 80 companies, organisations and celebrities mobilised.

  • 20 recommendation letters gathered



A few examples below:




Finding referees relevant to the coveted job


  • Nicolas Hulot Foundation: for the notoriety and his environmental conviction

  • Beauval ZooParc: France largest zoo managing a koala conservation programme in Queensland




Winning Day

JUNE 21st 2013

- Daily Media with local, national and international journalists on site


- Sportive challenges (Abseiling,Zipline, Orientation race )


- Various tests (personality, psychological, skills)


- Final interviews with the jury and Tourism Australia Managing Board 

All these efforts allowed me to be once again shortlisted to participate to the last round: the finale in Australia in June 2013.




3rd stage: Finale : 15 days in Australia / 3 finalists per job




The Best Jobs in the World campaign: impact & stats


330 000 applicants, 196 countries, 46 000 videos




-2,7 millions of unique visitors on the official customer website: in mars 2013 (+234% vs March 2012)

-Increase of 20% Google research under the keywords: “Working Holiday Visa Australia” vs March 2012

-Media value estimated to 44,7 millions dollars (+8500 articles published locally and internationally)


- Page Facebook/AustralianWorkingHoliday +300 000 fans en 6 semaines

-6 millions of impressions generated by the candidates during the competition


> 72% of the candidates plan to apply to the Working Holiday Visa in Australia.


> 7% increase of youth visitors numbers (18-30ans) in 2014






Park Ranger in Queensland


Promote National Parks and the unique wildlife of Queensland alongside real park rangers

Tourism Ambassador

Content creator and e-influencer:

Create quality content that drive traffic and engage people.

Make people dream and want to visit Australia one day



Press Relations:


°Welcoming and hosting international journalists coming to interview me as part of documentaries about my Best Job Experience. (France 2, NRJ12, Paris Match, Géo, Grazia Germany, Cosmopolitan China, L'Étudiant, Néon magazine etc)


° Weekly media call with local and national journalists when on location



> A media value estimated to 7 millions Australian dollars for Queensland only, in 6 months


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