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November, 11th 2014


Going to Hanging Gardens is a trip and a bit of an adventure. Our taxi got lost and fortunately we could help him thanks to the GPS! Up and down through villages and rice fields, we finally saw the hotel from the road. The name said it all, Hanging Gardens, here it stood, embraced by the lush forest. I won't soon forget the face of our driver when he left us in front of the lobby. I think he wanted to stay with us! Indeed, we just arrived to Paradise. Welcome drinks, welcome massage, smile on every staff member...


24 Hours at Hanging Gardens:

ubud malanda

This truly unique place reawakens your senses. The mandalas of flowers are present all over the resort and please your sight with harmony and serenity. The sound of the fast flowing rapids of the Ayung river keeps you alive and fresh. After the rain, I enjoyed the smell of the banana trees and other giant leaves. Once I entered the property, I felt the connection with the jungle. I became somehow a little part of it and I could feel its relaxing vibe.



All the 38 villas are constructed in contemporary Balinese style on gravity defying wooden pillars with thatched alang alang roofs. Beautiful. You clearly see their intention to incorporate the resort into the surroundings. The Feng Shui principles were followed to mean infinity, abundance and stability of energy. Believe me when you are there, swimming in your private pool, you feel at your best!  


hanging gardens photo villa
hotel de rêve

What made the reputation of the resort is the bi-level infinity pool, recently awarded Best pool in the world! This contemporary piece of art will leave you speechless! Perfectly well integrated in its environment thanks to an undulating shape that echoes the surrounding terrain, I wanted to spent my whole time in it!  

maxime coquard
badroom hanging gardens
bathroom hanging gardens
massage in bali

Staying at the resort is an experience itself and I was glad we didn't plan in doing anything else this day!  A complimentary afternoon tea is served every day for the guests and it is a perfect occasion to taste a few traditional Balinese cakes and recipes. We continued the culinary experience by opting for a tasting dinner at the restaurant. The Brazilian chef Adriano Ricco is very talented and it was a delight. A clever mix of Indonesian and Western cuisine with a fine presentation.  


where to eat in ubud
adriano ricco

The night was unfortunately too short but waking up early for sunrise was the best! Alone at the main pool, we watched the sun rising over its basins while the birds were flying crazily all around it and even drinking out of it! So nice to wake up with nature! We could spend hours and hours photographing this world class pool!  


best swimming pool

After a generous breakfast, Max and I went for a wonder to explore the Dalem Segara Temple, a spiritual and healing place, located right on the opposite side of the valley. We felt like Indiana Jones climbing the stairs to reach the sacred temple! What a view from up there!

We couldn't live straight away and made the most of it by having a delicious lunch next to the pool.


24 hours already finished, Hanging Gardens see you maybe for our wedding?!? Haha that would be an awesome plan!


breakfast hanging gardens
temple hanging gardens

A Grand Merci to all the wonderful Hanging Gardens Team !

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