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My mission:


protect the unique wildlife and national parks in one of the most beautiful destinations in the world: Queensland, Australia.


I became a Park ranger but mainly a ambassador to the country.

Payed 100 000 dollars to promote Australia on my blog and social media.


Thanks to this presence, I became a heroin for all a generation (15-30). Young people look for constant inspiration and like to identificate. They need to dream ,have faith in their future even if the gloomy economic climate is unevitable.


Spontaneous, a tiny bit adventurous and most of all very curious about the whole world turning around me, I like sharing my passion for travels, nature and great outdoors, always with a simple tone and along Max, my photographer partner!

I'm Elisa, a French and happy gale! Today, I'm pretty proud of my unusual background..


Graduating from the University of La Sorbonne Paris with an honours degree in Tourism & Hospitality Management, always studious, I thought my future would be spent in a large company, working from Monday to Friday, 9 to 5, with only one obsession my next holidays!!


Nothing had predestined that one day...every one would envy me...! That day I won the Best Job in the World, the dream job that most of the 18-35 wanted desperately (600 000 entries coming from 196 different countries!). From a crazy fun idea at the start, it became the pure reality. I gave all I got to make it possible and it worked out well! For those who would like to understand what was this worldwide competition about, please click here


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