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What is this ?!?

Get paid to spend the day on your sofa or to play video games? You can tell me that there are as many definitions of the Best Job in the world as there are people on Earth!! 

Check out what does that mean for Australia and its Tourism board: 

I think many people would agree!




 - Showcase Australia to the world's youth. Promoting the country and the Working Holiday Program


- Make people dream about Australia and come visit 


A smart worldwide Tourism

Marketing campaign...

6 dream jobs to promote Australia
- An
AUD 100,000 package ( salary and professional fees included)
- Living and enjoying the most beautiful places below the
Australian sun
- Travels, adventure, meeting and discovery of a whole region

Best Jobs in a few numbers


600 000 applicants, 45 000 videos recieved from 196 countries.

150 shortlisted candidates (25 per job) thanks to their application video.



From this stage, each candidate had 2 weeks to stand out, gain the maximal support,

generate some media coverage and do whatever to impress the judges!


After a stiff application process, 18 finalists (3 per job) were chosen and won their free ticket for

Australia to participate in the last but not least part of the selection: the big final! 


We spent weeks in Australia going through a series of adventure, nature-based, culinary,

social media and photography challenges and assessments, as part of a rigorous final selection process.


On June,  21st, the 6 winners had been announced  during an official ceremony in Sydney. 






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