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My story or... how it all began!

The result: My application video

Thanks to the help of Christian, the set designer at the studio, we got the perfect floor, total illusion of the pristine Australian water!


We spent the day having fun and by the night, we tried to figure out who was more aching!

But it was worth the pain:-)




One day in March, like all the others, grey and cold (winter 2013 was particularly long and strong..), I was surfing on the web looking for a new job. Indeed, since January I had been seeking a new position in the tourism industry as a web-marketer.

All of the sudden, I saw the Best Jobs' logo on Facebook... and thanks to my curiosity, I decided to give me a break and check it out. It looked very cool and it didn't take me more than 2 minutes to dream in front of my screen..!


This time, the interested person was "just" asked to send a short video clip (30 seconds) respecting a few logical rules (i.e no violence, no discrimination etc).

Without thinking it twice, I called one of my best friends, Camille to tell her. Same with my boyfriend, Maxime. We met for diner on the same day and we were already so excited!

We talked for hours, looking for an original idea to stand out from the crowd (we knew that I wouldn't be the only one).

After a while, we had our "story", we just had to get organized and...quickly!


We booked the photography studio, Pin Up (where the three of us met a few years ago) for one work day. There, we made the cardboard Eiffel Tower, the nice dolphin, the clown fish... everything  made yourselves.


Thank you to my dream team,

Camille Boulay &

Maxime Coquard,

without whom none of this

could have been


Some up of my 2 weeks campaign

    Final document for Tourism Australia - April 2013

Final Challenges in Australia - June 2013

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