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Flinders Ranges South Australia




...we leave our luggage in Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia.

With a pretty exciting itinerary planned, we take you on a city tour!   



June, 10th 2014


Flinders Ranges Map

A Week-end in

but you will want to stay longer!


What's great about Adelaide ?


First, it's just big enough to feel in a city and have fun but at the same time, it 's not suffocating like some cities can get! A perfect balance for me :-) People are friendly and so proud of their city and region, it's nice to see. Some supermarkets only provide local products, even in some hotels, the deco is signed by local artists. 


Here they have Free Bikes all around the city, you go in one of the offices around the city and can grab one bike for free all day! Yes for free and you got helmet and locker! That's so easy, awesome!

Riding along the river it's relaxing, on a sunny day, you can stop and play with pelicans and black swans!


And do you know what? The tram is also free in the city! Check out your phone, you get free wifi as well! Really? What a cool place ! Perfect for backpackers :-) 





We make our way first to,

Adelaide Zoowhich is the only one in Australia where you will find giant pandas and between us they are fascinating!!


Not to mention that they also got the most funny little fellows: the quokka!


You know, the “happiest animal in the world”? Always smiling, I just could resist but take hundreds of pictures !! 

Adelaide ZOO: $32,5 Adult /$23 Concessions /- 10% when booked through YHA Adelaide


As we love food, we could not miss out Central Markets (Open every day except Sunday & Monday).

This a temple for food lovers! Cheeses from all around the world (even the less known of my local region in France ?!?), little Italia with delicious pasta and huge tiramisus, fresh veggies and fruits in every corner (so cheap!!) , the cafés are great to stop by and have a nice coffee. Just  hard to control ourselves and no to buy everything!! :-)

This week end, there is something for everyone, and if Cabaret is not your favourite, you may like the football game ? What's more Aussie that going to the  AFL ?!? 


Fortunately Di and Dess are with us to explain what's going on!! With a bier in one hand and a meat pie in the other, we are ready! Di is the marketing manager at YHA South Australia. She is great, so is her partner. We could not find better mates to introduce us to the AFL !


The Oval stadium (really flash btw) is packed, today the local team plays (Port Adelaide) against Melbourne (St Kilda) and they just killed it! So funny to be part of this ambience, see the excitation!


Oval Adelaide

The night arrives, already, we haven't seen this day passing! Crazy but tonight it's an exciting one...

we go to the Cabaret with Mirka, working at YHA reception. She comes from Germany and it's interesting to share our Aussie experiences ! Her Australian boyfriend Louis comes as well, a fun night out ahead! This is actually the first day of 

Adelaide Cabaret Festival a brilliant event happening every year in the city. For 2 weeks, the Cabaret touch takes over the city. Different artists from all around the globe perform and we are very lucky to be right on time for that!



From a really Aussie show making fun of the Minogue sisters to a so French performance, we have a lovely evening between feathers and sequins! Absolutely amazing to see the people mesmerized by the lovely French singer, Caroline Nin. So glamourous! Paris je t'aime...!


Louis could get all the jokes from Erin Minogue and we could at Carolin's show ! Funny :-)

Going for a drink is a must after a game and Adelaide is just perfect at night! 


This city reminds me of a little Melbourne, cafés hidden, rooftop bars, cosmopolitan cuisine so great to be out at night here. On the roof of the  Gallery bar.


I have a warm spicy cider and this is just what I wanted! Better than hot wine! The DJ is playing his best songs, this place is just so chilled out!


Adelaide Oval

Sunday, the sun is out and we head to the organic market called 

Market's shed on Holland .


recommended by Di for a great food experience. The Market is tiny but full of friendly locals, we can't resist but take pictures of every stands and walk around once, much that when we decide to grab food, there is no pizza left..and same happened at the Belgian better go early and eat first! J

Pictures can always wait !


More info on their Facebook


Tonight, we got another exciting venue with this time Tanya and Will, working at YHA as well: we go to a Roller Derby game! A big event in this sport is curretnly going on at the moment in the city, the Greater Southern Slam organised by Adelaide Roller Derby every two year. All the Australian teams meet. The 4 of us don't know much about it yet, but we know it will be fun anyway! 


Have you ever been to a roller derby game? This is the sport with girls on roller turning around a track with colorful outfit, see what I'm talking about?


Popular in the 1970's in the States, it was brought 7 years ago in Australia by an American girl. She just arrived and wanted to make new friends, she started a team of roller derby and now the sport is big in Australia! With teams all around the country. The outfit is an important part of the show, and if you have never assisted to one game, I want to say it's pretty exciting to watch!  The ambience is really good, this sport is most of all, a lot of fun! 


It's Go Go all the time and can be pretty crazy!!It made me want to put on roller and give it a try! 

Maybe next time:-) and maybe in France! As there is a great team there as well  Paris Roller Girls




Roller Derby Adelaide

Adelaide is awesome!

Lonely Planet wasn't wrong when they voted the city to be in the top 10 places to visit in 2014!

And we were told that March is the best month for a visit as the city is then very animated by multiple festivals (Food, Wine, Music etc). But June was already awesome!!! We are so glad we have had more time to experience and discover it! 

So where to stay while visiting Adelaide ? We tested for you..!

We absolutely love testing accommodations and be able to give you a panel of options either you are on a budget or not. Either you are looking at something different or convivial or both!


YHA Adelaide Central  $


If you are on a budget and look for a friendly central place to stay, you can't go wrong with YHA :-)

The staff from all around the globe will quickly become your new mates and also best guides for local tips!


It's not just a bed, it's the whole atmosphere which is great at this YHA. They got a vaste communal area with a balcony, ping pong and billiard tables. It's comfy and cool to hang out and meet new travellers. 


You like pancakes? Every morning, you will find a member of the staff baking some for you for free :-)

These are the little something that make your stay more comfortable and lively! 


Its location is perfect emplacement, juxt next door from the Bus Station, where the Kangaroo Island bus leaves! 


Rate: from $28 the night in a dorm / $80 the private double room. 

To book:

Minima Hotel  $$


If you want to have your private ensuite, be in a nice modern hotel without breaking the bank, then visit the Majestic Minima in North Adelaide.

Minima indeed, the rooms are tiny, the reception is open only in the afternoon and everything is kept to minimum.


However, who cares? when you get free wifi, great location and very nice concept in every room. Indeed, local artists have painted each room differently, even the cushions are hand made in South Australia, now you just need to choose your favourite online!  


Rate: from $99 

To book:

The Fire Station Inn  $$$


If you are looking for a quirky experience, we got you covered with The Fire Station Inn in North Adelaide. To be honest, I've never seen something like this before: sleeping in a former fire station with a real fire engine in all its shiny red glory, the ladder and even the fire pole to shimmy up and down!!! We had fun playing firemen and women (thanks to an real outfit) in this spacious open-plan apartment. Every day we realise we are still big kids and it feels good! (Check out on Facebook the very short funny video we did in this amazing place).


Rate: from $245

To book:

The Buxton Manor  $$$


If you love antique and overnight in style, I recommend the Buxton Manor, also located in North Adelaide and part of the same accommodation group than the Fire Station Inn, called North Adelaide Heritage group run by Regina and Rodney Twiss. They are a lovely couple, precursors in many ways and with great taste. Several apartments and cottages belong to the Manor, behind every piece of deco and object is a story. Rodney used to be a antique dealer. On a sunny day, enjoy one of the biggest private garden in the whole city.



Rate: from $250

To book:

In the CBD:


The Publishers Hotel is a great pub to have a drink afterwork. Fantastic deco and nice atmosphere.


Hello Yes: on Eliza street, well hidden in a garage but easily recognisable with the big grafiti on the wall, good to grab a coffee or have an organic lunch.


Gallery Bar: the rooftop is wonderful, one of these cosy trendy places the city has on offer. Good for a night out.


And of course the 2 Markets I mentioned above ;-)


In North Adelaide:


The Ruby Red Flamingo is an excellent Italian restaurant with a different conception of food. The menu is always changing and writing down on large black boards every day depending on the chef's mood. Perfect for not big eaters, the restaurant offers the meals in two sizes (small and big). Friendly staff, the place to go for a relax dinner with friends. Very good value for money!


UR café: a little café with great coffee, healthy food and nice deco. Found randomly while staying at Majestic Minima, we recommend !




And where to eat or have a drink ?

We have also tested for you.. and we put on 3 kgs :-) 

A special Merci to:

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