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My Office

My new "office"

is not in an open space,

but is rather an "open sky"!

My new colleagues are not too

loud or intrusive, they spend most

of their time to sleep (koalas!). 

The play room is, depending on the day, a beautiful beach, the rainforest or a waterfall,

not too bad!

Some Facts & Numbers...

So what

do you think? is that not better than Google's office?






to my new "office",

the entire State of Queensland,


My new boss? Mother Nature

and in Queensland, nature

is everywhere

and spectacular!




Queensland makes up approximately 25% of the continent Australia, spanning 1,852,642 km2.

France fits into Queensland approximately 3 times. 

Surface area

It is Australia's fastest growing state, with 4.6 million people currently

calling it home.
 However, the density rate is not high:

only 2.61 inhabitants per km2

vs 97 in France and 52 in my region,

the Jura!

So, I shouldn't be bothered by people up there !! 

4.6 Millions











This is a subtropical state boasting warm summers and mild winters, ranging from 9°C-29°C in Brisbane, the capital city and 17°C-31°C in Cairns, up north.


Called the Sunshine State, with 300 sunny days a year!

I haven't chosen my destination

and my Best Job randomly!

Indeed, fed up with the Parisian grey weather and cold winters, I'm going to enjoy my six month!











In Queensland's Outback. This is where ancient Australian mammal fossil deposits preserved in limestone date back 25 million years to prehistoric times.


Riversleigh Fossil Mammal Site

The largest sand island in the world. Famous for its exceptional beauty, ever-evolving coastal sand dune formations and habitats, mangrove swamps, freshwater lakes and ancient trees over 70 metres tall.


Fraser Island

In the Queensland's southern borders. This site is the most extensive remaining  area of sub-tropical rainforest and is home to nearly all of the world's Antartic beech rainforest.


Gondwana Rainforest Reserves of Australia

Extended from Cooktown to Townsville. It protects Australia's largest remaining area of wet tropical rainforest with cultural significance for the Aboriginal people who have called this area home for thousands of years.

Australia's Wet Tropics Rainforest


Made completely by living organisms and is the only natural structure visible from outer space! It stretches around 2300km along the Queensland coast and is made up of thousands of reefs and coral cays-that's larger than the UK, Holland and Switzerland combined!

The Great Barrier Reef




is widely regarded as having one of the world's most distinct and rich natural environments.

It has more than


National Parks, 


Conservation parks, 99

Forest Reserves!





It also home to 5 of Australia's 16 World Heritage Listed areas.




More infos:

So, this

is a true change of

scene! Weird animals and 

strange plants are


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