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#11 My 8 suggestions of FUN activities to enjoy


I simply loved my time in this beautiful region of Queensland. Two months, really? Didn’t see the time passing. There are so many places to visit and national parks to explore up here.


Biodiversity is the word to describe it, between the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree rainforest.


Because it would be impossible to sum up all the things to see in Tropical North Queensland (and the travel books already do that actually), I preferred telling you how you can have a great time while visiting the region.

Tropical North Queensland and stay fit!

#1 White Water Rafting in Tully River (Tully National Park)



If you like adventure and getting wet, this is for you! One full day in the rapids of the Tully River you will never forget! Up to 5 hours in the water to enjoy the beautiful surrounding rainforest as well.


Who with:     

Where: Tully: 2 hours from Cairns        

How much: around AUD$ 200


In the Water

#2 Snorkeling or Scuba Diving the Great Barrier Reef

Cairns is the perfect place to explore the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef. Many excursions to choose from and one common thing to all of them: you will be amazed once underwater ...

Who with: Prodive, Raging Thunder, Great Adventures, Ocean Spirit and others...

Where: from 45 minutes from Cairns by boat  

How much: really depending on the type of the excursion... from AUD$90


#3 Walking on the Moon but on the sea floor on Green Island

Fancy getting up close from the cutest fish in the Great Barrier Reef? Try SeaWalker and you will be transported in another colorful world 


Who with: Sea Walker:

Where: Green Island, 45 minutes from Cairns                                                                            

How much: AUD$ 160


#4 Kayaking the sea or Canoying the beautiful lakes

Paddling is a perfect way to enjoy the quiet environment of Tropical North Queensland.


Who with: Raging Thunder or alone if you’re your own canoe/kayak 

Where: on Fitzroy Island (45 minutes from Cairns) or in Crater Lakes NP: Lake Eacham or Lake Barrine (Tablelands with your own)

How much: AUD$ 135 for the half day trip on Fitzroy Island (including ferry & lunch)


#5 Sea Trampoline on Fitzroy Island

Playing like kids on a sea trampoline is just so much fun! And in a stunning place like Fitzroy island, this is even better! Enjoy the view !


Where: Fitzroy Island, 45 minutes from Cairns          

 How much: included in you ferry fare transfer from-to Cairns


Up in the air

#6 Jungle Surfing in the Daintree Rainforest (Daintree National Park)

A perfect opportunity to play Tarzan and Jane in middle of the rainforest. Fly through the trees on flll ages

Who with: Jungle Surfing Canopy Tours :

Where: Cape Tribulation : about 2h30 from Cairns                                                                        

How Much: AUD$ 90



#7 Bungee Jump and Minjin Jungle Swing

Only Bungee site in Australia, this is also the unique site with a Jump Menu in the world!! 16 different ways of jumping (blindfold, from the roof, with a BMX and so much more!) How crazy is that?!?

Don’t want to be tied by the foot? But fancy seeing the dramatic view over the lush rainforest? Try the Jungle Swing!


Who with: AJ Hackett Cairns:

Where: north of Cairns, less than 1 hour                                             

How much: AUD$ 170 (bungee) AUD$ 100 (swing)

On the ground

#8 Mountain Biking in the Tablelands

Let’s ride and get up hill to enjoy going back down! A great opportunity to exercise and discover the beautiful forest.


Who with: TAG (Tableland Adventure Guides):

Where: Tableland: Atherton Forest Mountain Bike Park                                              

How much: personalized tours


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