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#4 Humpback Whale

Hervey Bay

Welcome to Hervey Bay, the “home of humpback whales” and also the best whale watching spot in Australia.



This is a unique place as this is where humpback whales stop over on their southern migration. In the bay’s calm, shallow and protected waters, they have a rest before continuing their journey to Antarctica.


Mothers use the time in Hervey Bay to teach their newborn calves survival skills for the deeper, colder waters of Antarctica.




Between 27-45 tonnes

(= 11 elephants or 600 humans!)


Up to 16 meters

(= to a big bus)


Majority krill, plankton

and small fish

A very long journey

Humpbacks migrate annually from summer feeding grounds near the poles to warmer winter breeding waters closer to the Equator.


This is a 10 000 km journey. During migration, whales don’t eat…

They feast on krill when they finally get back to Antarctica.


However the calves can put on weight up to 60 kg a day! They need to take energy to cope with the cold water of Antarctica. Calves don’t stop growing until they are 10 years old! 

-Their fluke is unique with different markings (like a human fingerprint)


-Mother’s milk is the consistency of toothpaste and calves can drink up 600 litres a day!


-Their heart alon can weigh 200 kg!!


-Each lung is the size of a small car and they can empty and refill them in less than 2 seconds


-Humpback whale arteries are enough for humans to crawl through!! Fancy having a swim?!


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Interesting Facts


Hervey Bay: Queensland



Between July and early November


Who with? Hervey Bay Whale Watch: first whale watching company in Australia : 2 boats: Quick Cat II and That’s Awesome


Pass: ½ day trip, full day trip, packages


Rate: average $100 / €70


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