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#2 My first Week and the EKKA

Along the week and on my first official day on duty as the Queensland’s park ranger, I got an invitation to the Parliament House, not too bad for my beginning! I met Tourism Minister Jann Stuckey and National Parks Minister Dickson during a nice chat and then we headed to my first media call. During a cool photo shoot, we posed with “Brick”, a nice shingleback lizard! Such an unexpected animal, with his blue tongue and his bottom looking like his…head!


Then, my job being focused on the nature and the wildlife, I got to meet the other part of my team, the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service Rangers (QPWS). Occasion to hit the ground and explore D’Aguilar National Park. I’ve learnt precious information about their work, their organization and their tasks on a daily basis.

I can’t wait to discover more and work alongside them.


I may become a “real” ranger after my six-month internship, who knows?

It has been a week already that we landed in Australia, OMG these six months are going to fly!

After the warm welcome at the airport, I didn't expect less from TEQ Team. Indeed morning teas, delicious lunch and surprises to welcome us on board. Great to count on a wonderful team like this one. With Max, we are already “famous” for not liking coffee..! And in Australia, this is a weird thing! Coffee house are at every single corner!!! It didn’t take long for them to see that I’m complicated with drinks in general…fortunately pretty easy with the food!



And I finally went to the Ekka, one of the biggest fairs and event here in Brisbane. This was lot of fun, speaking with the Aussies, giving them the chance to win cool goodies or even vouchers for free accommodation and attractions around the state! For the first time in my life too, someone thought I was Scandinavian (according to my accent!), this was funny! Is it possible that I’m loosing my French accent ?!? I don’t think so… But better so, as Minister Dickson seems to love it!!


Have a look

at Max having

fun @TheEkka

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