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A green stop

The Whitsundays Hinterland is just splendid and I appreciated this break for walking in the tranquil rainforest, swimming in creeks and capturing loads of Platypus’ pictures! This is a wildlife lover’s paradise: early morning wallabies on the beach, platypus and turtles in the rivers, greater gliders and common ringtail possums climbing trees at night! You will love it!


A couple hours from Airlie Beach, to all nature lovers :


Don’t miss it out!


CAPE Hillsborough & EungellA



South of Airlie Beach, you can wake up with the kangaroos and wallabies on the beach if you like the idea! I even have my breakfast down there and was one of my best brekkie setting! Perfect moment to take awesome shots of the roos jumping around!


You can complete the day with the Andrew’s Point Lookout walk to have rewarding views over the bay and Mackay.




     1. Cape Hillsborough     


More info about Cape Hillsborough NP click here


Cape Hillsborough Nature Resort : Camping or full contained-cabins right on the beach!

51 Risley Parade, Cape Hillsborough




Eating and Drinking

The Old Station Tea House:

An old train station converted in a bar and restaurant, very peaceful garden

231 Cape Hillsborough Road, Ball bay 


     2. Eungella National Park     


A/ Walking tracks


Want to experience the sub tropical rainforest? Time to head to Eungella NP, about 2 hour drive from the Cape.

Enjoy the quiet and the green while walking the Araluen Cascades Track (less than 3km) and Wheel of Fire track (4km). Beautiful scenery and a well-deserved swim in the large rock pool at the top of the track.


Warning:!!!! Please don’t try to play the hero jumping and diving the falls, a few finished their lives there…don’t ruin your holiday and most of all your life !! The environment is changing, rocks are very slippery and why not just take a seat on a comfortable boulder and take in the view? 

B/ Stunning views


Drive to Sky Window Lookout to observe the dramatic landscapes of the region. It reminded me of my home place, the green hills of the Jura.!


C/ Spotting a Platypus


Go to Broken River, 5km from Eungella Township, there you will find a popular place for observing platypus in the wild. Stand with patience at the platform at dawn or dusk and you will them coming to the surface for breathing and mashing their food.


Don’t be loud as they are easily scared ! 




<   click on this link to learn more about Platypus

D/ Spotting Possums


Some resort lead spotlighting tours with possums and gliders, it’s fun and so unique to see them.

I even saw the greater glider flying which is a really special

moment, I know I was lucky on this one!!



Enjoy the forest at night, quiet and beautiful.


Broken River Mountain Resort


Self-contained Cabins in the forest with an in house restaurant, Possums Table...



More info about

Eungella NP

click here

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