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Orpheus Island

 his week end of October, I landed on Paradise...a Paradise called Orpheus Island.


Reachable only per helicopter, Orpheus is a beautiful island in the Coral Sea, 80 kilometres northwest of Townsville. National park and Barrier Reef sanctuary, Orpheus has just one eco-minded resort, catering for only 34 guests on the entire 1300-hectare island.


After a 25 minute scenic chopper ride, I stepped out of the helicopter and walked across the pretty lush lawn. Golden sand, coconut palms and coral reef in every direction. Warm welcomed in the Orpheus Island Lodge, I understood straight away that my stay would be memorable. Here stress, worries and routine leave place to bliss, pleasure and pamper. 






A little isolated heaven was awaiting me with a lot to offer: we motored our own dinghy out to picnic on a secluded beach, we snorkeled over giant clams, explored the tracks to get a view from the surroundings and watched for manta rays on a sunset cruise.


The food is a delight thanks to Arie Prabowo, the chef and its on-site organic veggie patch. Comfortably installed at a candlelit table on the jetty, I got a taste of Arie’s impressive skills. The degustation feast that’s laid out before me- spiced squid in a asparagus and mango salad, fried quail on oatmeal and honey glaze, pan fried coral trout with its mushroom risotto to finish with the succulent chocolate soufflé with its honeycomb ice cream- original and delicious. We even spotlighted a few marine creatures swimming around. It doesn’t get much better…


Relax is the mantra on Orpheus Island and believe me this is an easy to adhere to… experiencing the ocean ritual treatment at the spa was an ultimate indulgence.



I already dream about getting back there…


Getting there?

Only per helicopter, flights operate from Townsville (25 minutes) or Cairns and are arranged through the resort.



When to go?

The best time to visit the island is during the cooler, drier months from May to September. The weather is warm but not too humid.



What to do?

Diving, snorkeling, stand up paddling, kayaking, hiking...

Enjoying a sunset cruise and a romantic dinner with Dinning with the Tides.

Experience Orpheus on video


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