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#10 Are you more Green or Fitzroy?

You are in Cairns for a few days on holidays and you won’t probably have the time to visit all the beautiful islands of the Great Barrier Reef that Tropical North Queensland has to offer, that’s why I’m here to help you out planning your itinerary ;-)

Cairns is known to be the getaway to the GBR, less than 2 hours by boat and you can scuba dive or snorkel this natural wonder. Good if you have time for 2 day trip minimum.


But if you are short on time, 2 beautiful little islands, Green and Fitzroy are less than 1 hour away from Cairns. This would be the best options. As they are truly Paradise to me (and very special environmental places), I strongly recommend you to visit at least one once you are in the region.





                            Here I help you to make your choice :-) 


This is the 1st Island National Park





- Snorkeling

- Glass bottom boat

- Diving

- Windsurf

- Helicopter Tour

- Massage

- Crocodile Park

- Swimming pool

- SeaWalker (= $160 - unique experience! more infos and pics on my Facebook page)



 1 Environmentally sustainable Resort

High standing

About $100 both for a day trip including some activities... different packages, more infos on:



National Park ?








Beaches Ranking



Snorkel Ranking


Who goes there?


What to do?


Eat & Drink







Journey from





Green Island

Fitzroy Island

12 ha

339 ha

Tropical rainforest / Woodland / Stones

Sand Island with Tropical rainforest 

2 accessible:

Main and Nudey Beach (the poscard one!)

All along the island:

20 min walk around the island

I advice you to walk through the National Park walk and find more quiet beach

Good place, better in the morning or at high tide. Not crowded

Lots of fish and Turtles

Best spot: around the jetty

International Tourists /

Asian people love it


 For those who want to experience the reef and have a full on experience


More domestic Tourists /

Locals love it


 For those who want a quiet and paradisiacal gateway

- Snorkeling

- Diving

- Glass bottom boat

- Sea trampoline

- Kayak

- Stand up paddle

- Great Summit Walk (lighthouse, rainforest, woodland...)

- Turltles rehab center


Foxy’s Bar cafe terrace with beach view

- At the resort 

Multiple shops, restaurants, bars...

Green Buffet (quick and easy option) 

 1 Brand new resort

with luxury 5 star standards


45 min


45 min

 Very handy for one day trip

(you can see it all)

 Stunning Nudey Beach


So have you made up your mind?




I would say that there is not a better one, both are quite special and very different actually! It’s up to what you want to experience!


If you are looking for a place to have fun and try new things, Green island is for you. If you like also being taken in charge and feel like in a theme park (boardwalk, touristic, shops etc)


But if you fancy having a romantically getaway or simply enjoy a beautiful postcard island, then go to Fitzroy!



It is as easy as that. 


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