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#1 Good Bye, Packing, Travelling...

How to pack for such a crazy adventure ?!?


Countdown has begun and the departure is coming soon...The difficult «packing moment» has arrived...Like for every others long term trips I did, I wonder what I'm going to take and what I'll leave behind.. I realize that I have way to many clothes, shoes and stuff in general! How could I even buy so much and what for?!?


Ok let's begin with something: pants: I can't make up my mind, and I take them all (almost)... I have a nice collection of comfortable, colorful trousers and I know this is stupid as I'll be most of the time wearing shorts (if everything goes well).

Regarding shorts and tee shirts, I take one of each colour and my suitcase looks like a rainbow, love it :-)


I have a good rythm, I keep going with jerseys, jumpers, jackets, k-way...euh..not too many, I go to Australia, remember? Haha coming from the cold Jura region, weird to imagine that this year I will spend Christmas at the beach!



My Shoes...


Come the moment I was afraid about...: packing my shoes!


Most of the girls understand what I mean! Of course, I would like to take them all... Sandals of different colours to match my pants and tee shirts :-)

High-heel , wedge heel to look perfect at night... my boots to wear with my leggings and in case of rains... STOP!!


This is not possible and I really have to choose now! Forget about your Parisian way of life and from now on, think like a Park ranger. Welcome to my baskets, comfy shoes and awful hiking shoes...

Haha this is not that fun!


Heading to the bathroom, let's pack the toilet bag...

Ow!ow!ow! Don't look at all my make up, nice products and let's focused on essential stuff.


Result : 2-3 small cases, not too bad ?

 JUST creams, I'm covered for all situations!

Last but not least : the technical/electronical equipmentAs a big part of my job is to produce content (photos, videos) and be active on social networks, I'd better be well equipped ! Fortunately, I can count with my special partner on this point:-) Max knows a bit in terms of cameras, tripod, cables and adaptors !


To be sure that all my stuff is handy, I found THE perfect camera bag, which combines ergonomy, comfort and safety. It can also convert into an everyday daypack, I already love it, thank you Lowepro for making clever bags:-)


You too, choose easily the model done for you : Here.


My new Iphone 5 will become my new « bestfriend », I'm sure that I'll be operational in every occasion :-)


Waterproof Nikon camea, GoPro, new laptop Dell, MacBook Pro, JOBY tripods...


I'm ready to take off !

My Journey






Checking in at Geneva Airport was a bit more complicated as we expected..we arrived "2 hours" before and had to queue for a while...until it was our turn and the lady at the desk began to tell me that my ticket was not confirmed until concretely I could go to Abu Dhabi, there check in again, wait and see if there were a seat available for me...sorry, what ? This was not the plan.! The manager came and saved my seat until Australia, this was a misunderstanding, phew! Then, I was told that I was upgraded to the business class, great but: and Max..?" No sorry, just for you, he stays in Eco"..."Ok so I better stay with him in Eco... "Haha, she gave me a weird look and said that she had to do the check- in all over again..! What a this moment, nobody was standing in the queue anymore, we were the last ones..and time left by before the boarding was short...stressing...Finally, we heard that we could go both on Business! Actually she couldn't find a seat for me in Eco as the flight was complete and as we wanted to travel together, she had no choice: haha good to be and stay united :-)


Once we finally got our boarding passes we had to run to the gate! No time to long goodbye with Max'family... Maybe better this way... As it is always hard to leave.


We were the last ones to board, OMG this was stressing and my first time I was so in rush for a flight..!

Time to leave for the aiport arrived and it was difficult to say goodbye to mum,dad, and my beautiful region. Summerheat is everywhere in France and in the Jura, it feels very good. I knew what to expect with the 25 hour -trip...and that's why I wasn't really looking forward to it...

But once we got our seat, we quickly forgot our stress. Business class is so cool ! The crew is taking care of you (especially that we were only 3 people!!) and you feel so great :-). The flight was too short to Abu Dhabi but we made the most of it! It was more a feeling of being at the hotel and restaurant than being on a plane! We loved it! 

Once in the Gulf, it was really funny as I got a message of my bestfriend' s boyfriend saying that he will be at the airport transferring for New Delhi..and we met him there! I like travelling, you never know who you are going to see :-) 

A moment to chat and picture time and every one followed his way...let's go to Melbourne. This time, we were not as lucky and got a seat in Eco. Such a long flight thinking of the others being pampered behind the curtain..! 

In addition, I had a " nice" nightmare that the plane was going to the middle of night...I woke up terrified...and it took me a while to realize this was not true...


Safe arrived in Melbourne, we went to the hotel..tired and happy to enjoy a good night sleep. 


With only 10°C... We were looking forward to going to Brisbane.!


Finally arrived at Brisbane airport, and we did not expect such a warm welcome!Alison and her kids were standing at the gate, hanging a few hand-made signs, so sweet:-) good to be here already!

They drove us to our accomodation for the week, we stay at Base Uptown, very central and it remembers me of my backpacking trips around New Zealand :-) 

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