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CAIRNS & Around

Cairns has a lot of must see – must do.


I spent two months in this tropical part of Queensland and I can say that I never got bored! First Cairns is at the doorstep of the Great Barrier Reef, which makes it a perfect place to discover this natural wonder, dive, snorkel, sail the reef from here. From Cairns, there are also many stunning islands to be visited for a day tour, all located less than 2 hours by boat. Relax at Fitzroy island, have fun at Green Island or dive the aqua blue lagoon at Michaelmas Cay! From Cairns, plan your trip to the Daintree rainforest and see Cape Tribulation: where the reef meets the rainforest: very pretty. Don’t forget to drive to the Atherton Tablelands and spot some unique wildlife like the tree kangaroo.


My advice: allow some time for this region, there are so many tours and places to visit. There is something for everyone and for all the budgets too. Best season to go is between May to October, during the dry season.

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